Top-tier Snow Removal Since 1987


Appleseed Snowblowing® delivers service you can rely on. We were the first company to use tractors outfitted with snow blowers in the Ottawa area, and we are dedicated to making your laneway the best-looking one on the block. Unlike shoveling and plowing, snow blowing does not leave towering snowbanks, and it is easier on the driveway and landscaping. We will:

  • Get you to pre-booked appointments and work on time
  • Relieve you of the burden of snow shovelling
  • Save you from unreliable, fly-by-night snow removal companies

Our snow blowing system has been imitated, but nobody can replicate Appleseed’s dedication and service. Appleseed is insured, professional, and here to stay. Every winter, we make sure that we have the resources to honour all of our contracts.


Appleseed Snowblowing is a popular company among our revered senior citizens, who value our services because we enable them to:

  • Stop relying on family and neighbours for snow removal
  • Make it to important appointments during heavy snowfalls
  • Get out of the house when snow would otherwise limit access

Seniors who have an important appointment in the morning can let us know the night before a big storm. And although we can’t be everywhere at once, we do not overbook our routes—so be assured that we are never too far away in case of emergency.

Snow blowing and sustainability

Did you know that walk-behind snow blowers used by many homeowners emit the same amount of carbon monoxide as 30 cars running for the same time? Using our services will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. Our powerful four-wheel-drive tractors are customized for maximum efficiency, and our mechanics keep them running smoothly and ready for action.



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